Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. How much does your electric bill go up?

A. Not as much as most people think since I have switched all my lights to LED it only goes up about $75


Q. How long does it take to put everything up?

A. To set the whole display up we start around Halloween and try to have the display ready to go the weekend before thanksgiving. As long as it takes to put up it only takes about a 2 days to take down.


Q. How many lights do you have?

A. We have about 75,000 lights and 40 inflatables, 7 wireframes, 10 controllers, and 160 Channels.


Q. How do you get Santa in the window?

A. We have a projector that projects a DVD of Santa onto a shower curtain that is mounted in front of the bay window.


Q. How do you control the lights?

A. We use hardware and software from a company called light-o-rama. We have 5 controllers and each controller has 16 channels so we have 80 separate channels that control everything. We then program everything we want the lights to do on the computer using the software. It takes about 3 hours to program one minute of music. We then use a small FM transmitter to broadcast the music to the cars.


Q. How did you get into putting up your lights?

A. My father has put up lights since I was a little kid and when I purchased my first house in 1999 with my wife I decided to start my own display. Each year it has grown and I can say that I have finally passed my father and took over the honor of the best Holt light display but without him none of this would have happened so I have him to thank for my hobby.


Q. Why do you do it?

A. I do it because when you see the smiles on all the kids and even the big kids faces it is priceless. I always enjoyed seeing the kids happy but when I had my daughter in 2008 and to see her face when she drags my wife or I outside in the freezing cold every night to look at the lights it makes all the hard work worth it.


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